All Markets Are Open This Weekend

We welcome this warmer weather with open arms! All three markets are open all weekend. We do hope there’s more where this forecast came from. See you this weekend ; ) -@nycfleamarkets  Read More

Get Spring Ready w/ an #HKFM Tote Bag!

Get Spring Ready w/ an #HKFM Tote Bag! We’ve been loving all the creative ways shoppers have been sharing their market finds with us! From March 15th-March 30th share your photo with the hashtag #AnnexMarkets and tag @NYCFleamarkets (excluding Facebook). One lucky winner will have a tote bag just in time for springtime strolls through the markets and parks! You can share on Facebook,... Read More

Vendor Spotlights- Antiques Garage

Click below to check out the conversations we’ve been having this year with Antiques Garage vendors so far! Photos and Interviews by Larry Baumhor Check out all the profiles here! Subscribe to our newsletter to stay in touch and see future profiles.  Read More

Vendor Spotlight 2/15-2/16

Vendor Spotlight 2/15-2/16 Annita Henson (Christina on the left and Annita on the right.) Larry: Can you describe this sculpture? Annita: That’s a fragment of a Roman frieze, probably 1st to 3rd century B.C. to 1st to 3rd century A.D. It’s marble and quite a large fragment. It’s mounted on an iron base. Larry: Forgive my ignorance, but what is a frieze? Annita: A frieze is... Read More

Vendor Spotlight 2/8-2/9

Vendor Spotlight 2/8-2/9 Vanessa Cedeno I’m a collector and I like quality things. I have too many things. When I moved to New York fifteen years ago, I used to sell in Williamsburg. And then I had a leather store. And now I’m working towards having a store again in the future. I love the Garage. I love the people and I love the energy. Everyday there is something bizarre.... Read More


IMPORTANT INFO ABOUT THIS WEEKEND: ALL 3 MARKETS ARE OPEN HOWEVER… Due to street activity limitations relating to the Super Bowl, The Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market bus lot will be OPEN however the street booths between 9th and 10th avenues will be closed this weekend, January 25th & 26th and February 1st & 2nd. The Antiques Garage and West 25th Street are OPEN.  Read More

Vendor Spotlight

Vendor Spotlight Jan 25-26 “The Garage has the most amazing diversity of people in age and ethnic origin—a lot of people from all over the world. A lot of women come here to buy which is refreshing compared to other shows where most of the buyers are men.” Ken Farrell I sell toys, posters, photos, ephemera, records; pop culture items. My wife and I started thirty-five... Read More

Vendor Spotlight January 18-19

Vendor Spotlight: The Antiques Garage Find out more about our Antiques Garage vendors every week, as told to and shot by Larry Baumhor. Debbie Leonard The Garage has been a wonderful experience. I’ve been fortunate enough to have met people from all over the world. I’ve met clothing designers Anna Sui, Emanuel Ungaro, and Phillip Lim. One of my... Read More

Vendor Spotlight- January 11 & 12

Vendor Spotlight – January 11 & 12 Kay and John Mertens I sell antique vintage textiles, trim, and lace from the 17th century through the 1950s. I have unusual printed wovens, tapestries, and embroideries. I’ve been in business for 40 years and have been selling at the Garage for 12 years. I like the diversity of people, the varying ethnicities... Read More

Vendor Spotlight- January 4-5

Vendor Spotlight- January 4-5 Aleks Zganiacz (left) and Janet Maluk (right) Larry: What do you specialize in? Janet: I specialize in coats, amazing jewelry, handbags, and accessories. I’m a designer’s dream. I sell coats from the 40s through the current era. Quality coats are difficult to find. I sell coats that are odd, classic and unique. And I sell with integrity... Read More