About The Annex Markets

Started in 1976 as penny-jar investment on an estranged corner lot in Chelsea, entrepreneur Alan Boss single-handedly marshaled 11 vendors and over time shaped the outdoor Mecca that became known to treasure hunters worldwide as The Annex Antiques Fair & Flea Market. This renowned antiques market grew enormously and because the destination location for celebrities, prop masters, set designers, fashion designers, artists, antique-lovers, decorators, architects, and others. It was featured countless times in global print media and was the backdrop for movies and commercials. In 2006, after almost 30 years of outdoor commerce-delight and top-notch haggling, The Annex was displaced high-rise residential buildings along Sixth Avenue in the West 20′s.

But Boss had foreseen the fate of the market and had already planned for a new location. After almost four years of planning with community groups and city and state agencies, Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market (HKFM) opened in May 2003 on West 39th Street at Ninth Avenue. When the Annex closed in 2006,  its vendors were readily accommodated by HKFM in a new-frontier neighborhood.

Alan Boss also owns the famed Antiques Garage, second of the Annex Markets. It is an indoor market located at West 25th Street between Sixth Avenue and Seventh Avenue.

The third of the Annex Markets is only one block from the Garage. The West 25th Street Market is an outdoor market on the uptown side of West 25th Street between Sixth Avenue and Broadway.

All three Annex Markets are open Saturday-Sunday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. all year long!

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